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IMH is organising the 7th International Compliance Forum to discuss the latest challenges facing the global compliance and ethics community. The Forum is intended as a platform to help facilitate discussions on the benefits of compliance management in business and more importantly, the return on investment of compliance. This year’s Forum will welcome a number of high-caliber international speakers who will discuss the changing role of compliance over the years, and how effective compliance management can lead businesses into the future.


The compliance landscape in 2021 is filled with truly unique challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence the operating landscape for organisations across the world, and the focus for businesses turns to preparing for a post-COVID-19 environment. An evident result of the crisis has been the additional responsibility placed on compliance professionals to identify, mitigate and remediate newly introduced risks to business operations. COVID-19 consequences proved beyond reasonable doubt that compliance function has been the key function to address effectively the associated risks with this pandemic, but most importantly, drive risk accountability and ownership by all businesses in the new era as the global economy restarts and sets stronger foundations for the future.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic require the exploration of innovative business approaches to generate sustainable revenue streams in well-governed institutions. Many of these opportunities focus on alternative business arrangements and go-to-market strategies that often carry substantial compliance risks for a company. These unchartered territories may cause increased misconduct by companies as they feel pressure to bypass processes to get back to “business as usual”. And while enforcement may have slowed given the challenges of collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses, regulators remain focused on charging corporations and individuals for misconduct. Maintaining an effective compliance programme therefore remains of outmost importance as companies continue to operate throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and so business leaders must focus on addressing the most significant risks to their organization, both during and following this pandemic, to help protect the business and allow it to emerge post-COVID-19 on a much stronger and sustainable ground.




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